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Questions About Getting Lost

Not as big as some of the other secondary schools!  We have over 600 students, which sounds a lot but we are small for a secondary school. You will join a tutor group of about 23-25 students.

Not very long at all. It’s a small school. Students get used to the school very quickly. It’s the new teachers who get lost!

To start with, you might get a bit muddled but there are always people around to show you the way.

We all know it takes a bit of time for new students to find their way around and so we know that sometimes you might be a little bit late to a lesson but don’t worry!  You won’t get told off whilst you’re still getting used to your new school.

Questions About Lunch Time

The food is lovely!  Lots of students choose to buy their snacks and lunch from the canteen.  There is so much to choose from – baguettes and wraps, potato wedges, pizza, chicken burgers, roast dinners, pasta pots, fruit, jelly, cakes and biscuits, drinks, slushies and more!

Lunchtime is at 1.30pm for 45 minutes.

We would like you to eat in the canteen or outside as it keep the classrooms nice and tidy. It also gives you a break from being inside and gives you the chance to get some fresh air.

The canteen is fantastic!  There’s plenty of space to sit and eat with your friends whether you bring a packed lunch or choose from the wide variety of hot and cold meals and snacks available to buy – the brownies are very popular with the students. Have a look at the video and the website there are photos there

To buy food from the canteen you just go on down and queue up.  There are two queues, one for hot food and one for cold.  Once you get to the front of the queue you can pick out your food and take it to the till.  There is always a teacher on duty to help if you’re not sure what to do and the canteen staff are very nice and helpful too.

Yes you can. It’s much nicer than water!

Questions About Lessons and Subjects

We have great teachers here at Applemore.  It’s very difficult to explain what they’re like as each one is different – a bit like students!  One thing they all have in common though is helping you to do your very best.

You will need to have a scientific calculator; Maths set (protractor, compass etc), ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener, and a pen and pencil.  You might sometimes need colouring pens/pencils for certain lessons, like Art and Geography.

There are five lessons a day.  Two in the morning after registration, two after break and then one after lunch.

The lessons might be different to what you’re used to but they will not be difficult, just a little challenging occasionally to make sure you get the best out of learning.  All students are put into classes according to their level of learning so you should find them right for you.

There are lots of different subjects:  Maths, English, Science, Humanities (Geography, History and RE), DT (Resistant Materials, Food), Art, Music, Drama, Photography, Computing and PE.

We have over 40 teachers!  You might never be taught by some of them but you will see them around the school.

Core subjects are Maths, English and Science but all lessons are important really.

Questions About The Buses

It depends where you live and how long it might take the bus to bring you to school.  Bluestar have timetables on their website, which will tell you what time you need to be at your stop.  If the bus timetable is a little confusing, it’s best to phone them as they’re really helpful.

The 509, 538 and 539 all come into the school grounds at the beginning and end of each day.

The buses have several stops and the best place to find out is Bluestar who run all our buses for us, as well as the public ones. The 538 and 539 go to and from Marchwood by slightly different routes. The 509 goes up and down to Blackfield. These are dedicated school buses. Students also use the public buses called the 8 and 9

Ticket prices can change and so it is best to contact Bluestar for the most up-to-date prices.

Currently we do not need any further buses as the ones that are supplied can transport the number of students we have.

Bus passes are given on the first day of school to everyone who has applied for one and been found eligible.

Buses in general are very busy in the mornings especially but there should always be room.

Public buses will still be running after school and so you can catch a bus from the stop outside Tesco.  School buses (509, 538 and 539) all leave the school grounds at the end of the school day.

Questions About The Bullying

Firstly, talk to your tutor, progress leader or class teacher. If you are nervous about talking you can use the ‘Support’ button on the Student Hub and a member of the well-being team will contact you. You are never alone.

Bullying can happen in any school or workplace but we have a zero-tolerance policy.  We have a very caring school and we all like to look after each other.

If someone experiences bullying, they should tell someone – anyone!  Peer mentors, Tutors, their subject teacher, a prefect – anyone they feel they can talk to. Progress Leaders would deal with any bullying issues to put a stop to them quickly.

No!  In fact, our students really look after the Year 7s because they can remember what it was like when they first started, so they do everything they can to help.

Questions About School Trips and Activities

There are so many school trips but some of them are only for specific year groups, so you might need to wait a bit!  There are History trips to Kenilworth Castle, Portchester Castle and Fort Nelson and the Mary Rose Museum; MFL trips to Andalucia, Spain and Boulogne, France; ski trips to Austria and adventure trips to  the Ardeche, France.  We also take a trip to the pantomime at Christmas and run various activities in and out of school for Enrichment just before the summer holidays.

There is a day-trip to Boulogne in France for Year 7.  It is quite a long day but lots of fun as you get to take a trip to a boulangerie and visit the largest sea aquarium in Europe. At the beginning of the year, Year 7 visit Ferny Crofts for an activity based team-building day. Also there will be various sports trips and subject trips through the year.

Due to COVID 19 we aren’t running many trips at the moment. We still have DofE day walks taking place and we are still hoping to run the ski trip during the February half-term  and to the Ardeche in the summer but it depends on what happens.

If you end up playing for the school team then you will be involved in regular matches against other schools. You can also take part in the inter-house football competitions.

The next festival should be next May but unless the COVID 19 situation changes we may need to postpone it for another year.

Trips are always exciting because it’s an opportunity to learn outside of the classroom.  All trips are very informative but some are more fun than others, like the winning House trip to a theme park!

Not usually. We want you to be comfortable and wear the right clothes. It depends on where the trip is and what you’ll be doing.  For every trip, a letter will be issued telling you what to wear and what to bring (for example a drink, a coat, some spending money etc).

If you love Drama, singing and dancing then it’s great fun!  You’ll make new friends too.  There are other aspects of a play that you can get involved in if you don’t like to be on stage, for example lighting, scenery, costumes and make-up.

Other Important Questions

Fabulous!  It’s a whole new start for you with different experiences and challenges; a place to make new friends and learn new things.

Non-uniform days usually take place when we break up for the Christmas and summer holidays but sometimes we will have them throughout the year to raise money for our chosen charities.

We have an IT club on Thursdays where you can animate using the computer software we have.

Yes but not in the corridors. You may find you use them in lessons as well to check your homework timetable or read a book using eReader.

No, your House is chosen for you.  Most Tutor Groups are in the same House.

Yes. For year 7 it is on Friday and lasts from 8.40 until 9.00am

Homework is extended learning outside of the classroom so although it might be challenging sometimes, it should be something that you can do independently and without too much difficulty.

Yes.  You will get a timetable for each week so you know what lessons you have. If you download the App it will update to the right week automatically.

It depends on what support you have. Mrs Barr, the SENCo will sort it all out in the summer term ready for when you start in September.

Lockers are £15 and will be allocated once payment has been received.  You will be given your own locker key but must look after it because if you lose it, you will need to pay £5 for a replacement key!  There is a spare key you can borrow from Reception though if you get really stuck.

You don’t need a locker but some students prefer to have them so they don’t have to carry their PE kit or coat around.  We find that the younger year groups like to use them but the older year groups don’t. 

Hopefully things will return to normal, we will have open mornings after Christmas, your Progress Leader will visit your primary school in the Summer Term. Then you will visit on the induction evening and then on the induction day ready for the September start!

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